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the colden nectar of crete

The olive tree has been cultivated in Crete since early Minoan times, more than 3,5oo years B.C. The climate on Crete is ideal for the cultivation of dry summers,mild winters with rain and ideal spring for optimal tree flowering. 85% of the oil produced in Crete is extra virgin olive oil.

The Papamathaiakis family has a long tradition of olive cultivation, we respect tradition and strive to cultivate and produce olive oil with care. Our olives come excusively from the Messara area of South Crete, famous for its top quality oil production, in regards to flavour, taste and colour.


1.Crete has 40 million olive trees, 70 trees per inhabitant. The oldest known tree on Crete is at least 500 years old.

2.A  heavily laden olive tree. Winter is the time the olives are harvested, the olives are ready when they are 3/4 ripe, being purple in colour.The olives harvested by the Papamathaiakis family are picked and the oil extracted on the same day in low temperatures with modern machinary resulting in a product which keeps its fresh superb fruity flavour. 

3.The olive trees of the Papamathaikis family produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This is the oil from the first pressing of olives.Our oil is cold pressed, with no chemicals added during the process.Acidity levels are below 1% giving the oil an excellent flavour and aroma. 



Olive oil is an essential part of a healthy diet, it has been proven through many scientific studies that this excellent oil plays an all-important role in warding off illnesses and in preserving our good health. Olive oil is rich in monosaturated fatty acids which are resistant to oxidation and diminish the amount of LDL cholesterol without affecting the HDL cholesterol. Moreover olive oil contains a vast amount of antioxidants which are a natural protection against many illnesses and cancer.

Cretan traditional cooking makes exclusive use of olive oil, achieving excellent results both in taste and health conditions.  Olive oil is added to salads, used in cooking meat, vegetables and also in cakes.

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1.Prevention is the number one factor for good health, therefore by drinking a small glass (20gms) of olive oil a day you can contribute to your healthy wellbeing, fighting heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

3.A view of countryside with olive groves in the Messara area close to the town of Timbaki where our olives are processed  and packaged ready for distribution.

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2. Panoramic view of the bay of Messara where the olive groves of the Papamathaiakis family are situated. The Messara region is an area of natural scenic beauty with hills covered in olive groves and an unspoilt coast line with sparkling clear water.